TKOMutt Twitch base image
Working with Twitch streamers is a wonderful way to work on brand development exercises. When TKOMutt wanted something developed for him that represented him and the genres of games he plays (predominantly fighting and science fiction action titles), an illustration was going to be the guiding visual. In this case, the illustration style selected was pixel art, using the same visual language from the early days of video games. In illustrating TKOMutt himself, there is an homage to Street Fighter II, while the helmet and weapon on the ground reflect his armor in the Destiny series. 
The wordmark for TKOMutt was developed as part of the pixel art itself. The red bone in the O as a tribute to the person who convinced him to start streaming in the first place.
The typeface used on the placards with type is BDA Bitbreak, a typeface designed by me to emulate classic pixelated gaming typefaces. The stream schedule maintains an early computer gaming aesthetic that lines up with the rest of the design. This is a cohesive piece that conveys what the audience can expect using illustration.
TKOMutt stream starting image with schedule using BDA Bitbreak
TKOMutt Stream offline image, adding a blue caste overlaid.
Donor and subscription stat bar
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