Full sized Plume logo
Creating Plume was not just considering what would look nice around a cigar, but brand intent. While the primary intent of a cigar brand is to bring in a following and money, Plume operates with as much of a social responsibility as it can. Highlighted areas include benefits of indigenous populations and community involvement for its workers. Furthermore, there is accurate health information and quitting information based on the idea of being wholly risk aware and consenting in the activity of smoking. 
Plume Microsite design
Plume Cigar Brand is a personal project in which I developed a new brand of cigars with multiple lines and a singular design scheme. The lines are Dawn, Dusk, Twilight, Starlight, Midnight, and Pride. The first five are a nod to both an item in the Persona series of video games and The Smashing Pumpkins' Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness. The final listed line, Pride, is a nod to Tom of Finland and the importance of cigars to the leather and kink communities. Tobacco companies have very strict laws regarding poster advertising. If those laws weren't in place, well, here's a theoretical one for Pride.
The cigars and humidor shown in the following images appear with thanks to Tony Bossaller. 
Plume leather pride ad highlighting the leather flag colours on the cigar ring
There are a few different considerations for  packaging when it comes to cigars. The easiest one to focus on is the refill pack label. For Plume, it's a larger version of the cigar ring brand. 
Plme feather and wordmark over colours representing different lines of cigar
Cigar ring label designs
Plume refill pack label
A photo of 2 packs of cigars with Plume refill packaging on them
The last packaging is for the Humi-pak, the humidor for shipments of 30 cigars often for retail locations. It is not meant to be a permanent humidor, but it at least looks nice and has a slide out lid. 
Package netting 1
Package netting 2
Packaging construction information
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