Messengers is a tattoo design for a client who wanted a watercolour washed out, stained glass style picture of the Messengers from the video game Bloodborne surrounding a lamp. Upon careful inspection of his reference image, the lamppost was actually a bow. Researching the game showed that these characters are often found around memorials to hunters (players) so this made sense. 

A couple of quick sketches later, I moved to Procreate. 

On a bus.
Look, my line work for freehand drawing would be that bad off of a bus, so I don't want to set any expectations otherwise. The blue flames up the sides, the moon phases along the top, and the settings were set here in a way to determine colour and placement. 

Once this was done, I brought a PNG to Illustrator where I set up the linework.

You'll notice some shifting in the linework, that's because there is a clipping mask active with some watercolour underneath for the visual trick the client was looking for. The same was done under the solid colours and you can see the stained glass looking final at the top.

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