For this album project with Polyatomic, the work for for Icebergshas an emphasis on natural materials and a steady colour palette and placement for the illustrations and backgrounds emphasize the growth of Polyatomic’s Iain Bennett not only as a musician and composer but as a person. 

The red in a mostly cool palette is to draw the eye and show a beating warmth breaking through. The natural backgrounds include photos of wood, stone, tobacco, and leather. 

The photographic recreation of the cover in clay and water is meant to further accentuate natural growth and presentation. The modelling clay iceberg heart and the modelling clay globe were photographed using different light effects to distort their images. Both of these pieces were an homage to the late Vaughan Oliver, the main designer who gave 4AD records its distinctive style. 

The cover of the Trashfire single uses subtle, rough textures to give the appearance of an old cassette single cover. The Better To Love single artwork is an illustration meant to mimic  layered paper. The typefaces used in all of the materials, including Bennett's personal essay in the book, are part of the Halis family by Ahmet Altun.

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