An illustrated map of Lakeland form FFXIV, printed and hung up on clothespins.
In the early stages of the Covid epidemic, I spent a fair amount of time returning to Final Fantasy 14, which had changed enough from when I left the game in 2017 that I had to relearn how to play even somewhat decently. When I started the Shadowbringers content, I fell in love with the first area, Lakeland. The violet leaves and grasses charmed me at first sight.
After picking up a book on map art and illustration, I decided to try my hand at it using Lakeland as the prime example.
I would like to say right now that under no circumstances will I do the rest of the areas of the game. Especially not the Sea of Clouds.​​​​​​​
Also the printed version has a different mountain colour from the digital version due to the fact that I was printing this on kraft paper and wanted to ensure that the knockout space would be visible.
The actual digital map.
It is important to mention that Final Fantasy 14 and all inherent properties are property of Square Enix. I am not a representative nor am I employed by them in any way. This is fan work and testing out a new-to-me method of map design.
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