The front cover of Techknow, an EP by electronic artist Polyatomic. This features a stylized image of Iain close to a statue of Neptune in Berlin. 
Polyatomic conceived Techknow as an experimental release, something to play with after recording and releasing his previous, very emotionally driven album Icebergs. It is, as he put it, an homage to his time in Berlin and connecting to the rubber kink scene. The photography for this is entirely his. The edits to the photos, as well as using the colours of the Rubber Pride flag, were done by me for this release. The art is meant to match the tension of the songs. The subway style map along the bottom corresponds with the number of tracks, placing more emphasis on the idea of a night's journey out.
The back cover of TechKnow,, showing a photo taken of Berlin with some careful editing for greater and darker depth. 
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