Keep it sparkling tagline and logo
Cleaning companies typically use blue and green when it comes to company branding and messaging. When the proprietor of Full360 Cleaning requested rose gold as the primary colour for her business, that meant being creative about how to incorporate it and create something outside of the norm of the industry in order to get attention.
The logo development focused on variations of the bubble shape with the words breaking out. The top right has a second smaller bubble outside of the structure over the name. There are inner bubbles on the main circle as well, simulating small bubbles resting on a larger one. The typeface used for the name is Silka by Atipro Studios.
The pattern shown with icons that look like they are made of glitter were an early development, giving a subtle hint that would look impressive in any media. That said, it was not so easy to work with properly. Instead, the full glitter backgrounds sold as an Illustrator package by PeDe Designs on Creative Market under a commercial license. A simple yellow gradient was placed overtop the pure rose gold glitter, creating the effect where the Full360 logo would take the focal point.
The tagline "Keep It Sparkling" was developed and added to documentation and web assets. This uses Atipro's Salome typeface, an impressive didone. The typeface selected for body text is Noto by Google.
The evolution of the Full360 logo
Keep it sparkling online ad
An initial pattern developed for the project.
The Keep It Sparkling checklist
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