Bark Out Loud: Interviews with the Pup Community

Posted on Oct 27th, 2019 in

The original PDF version of Bark Out Loud.


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Bark Out Loud, compiled and edited by About A Boof author Baren, is a compilation of interviews conducted by email in the summer of 2018. It features perspectives from people across the spectrums of ethnicity, gender, sexuality, age, and size.

The book was proposed as a charity initiative, with proceeds going toward LGBTQ+ youth charities in Canada and the USA. The important work these companies do cannot be overstated.

The book will be released through the Amazon Kindle service, as well as a Pay What You Can PDF format released on the store. This blog will serve as both a means of accountability for showing the sales figures and subsequent charity donations, as well as showcase followup interviews with the participants.

Currently the perspective launch day is October 25, 2019, with the soft launch dependent on the Amazon store.

We look forward to sharing these stories with you. With some, the information is outdated because a lot can change in a year, but the message remains for you to be yourself and bark out loud!