Twitch personality Demon Darkglow wanted his Twitch branding to be more reflective of his personality and interests. In his case, this meant leather and cigars. The warm photo used brightens the cigar while adding small, lit reflections to the black and turquoise leather pieces used. The logo was designed using Darkglow's own character presented like a profile portrait on an old coin.

For the typography, it was important to find something that would convey the concepts of kink and demonology while being legible in presentation. While a few very serious appearing typefaces were auditioned for the role, Sheepman by Ryoichi Tsunekawa had the right balance of menace and legibility needed for this channel. By applying the image, logo, and selected typeface to the various facets of his channel, a successful Twitch branding scheme was developed.

The work is live and available to see at his Twitch account:
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