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The Awkward Bits

Date: August, 2018

Client: School Assignment

The Awkward Bits, as an idea, exists because of the awkwardness surrounding sex education. This is abundantly true, especially with LGBTQ+ youth who are limited in their available information resources. It is a project based on protest, standing against Ontario’s ignoble premier Doug Ford and the people he placed in charge of education who honestly have no place anywhere near education.

They wanted to go back to an almost two decade old sexual education curriculum from the 2015 edition under the excuse that parents were not consulted (they were) and that it was too controversial (because saying different people exist is controversy).

The text used for the poster and subsequently website utilizes the Univers type family. It’s strong and different enough from Helvetica that it is noticible. The main colour is a gradient from yellow to  a yellow-orange blend. This is to project youth, vitality, and motion. The red in  the “Awkward” and the lines across the other words written on the poster stands for anger and action. This makes sense given the impetus  for this project.

While handwriting was originally the direction for this project, it shifted in production. Experiementing with messy handletters used in place of Univers; that choice ended up belying the seriousness of the material and looked patronizing to the potential youth audience. There is enough awkwardness in the topics at hand, to add that feel to the mix would just appear to be pandering.

It is safe to say that this is the seed of a project, and not the idea of one person alone. Since the time this project began to take shape, similar projects that would offer similar information and education have propped up. Some include websites, some have announced plans for a call in show similar to the classic Canadian show Sex With Sue. There are so many ways this idea can and will grow. Similarly, there has been some backtracking on part of the Ontario government on matters related to gender identity, consent, and cyber security. This does not mean by any stretch of the imagination that projects like this can end. To ensure the right information is available, it is up to the community to make sure it is accessible.

This does not stop here.