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ReturnKW Festival

Date: August, 2018


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This is a fictional festival piece. Here’s the nice way of discussing it:

The dark, cold time after Halloween but almost two months until any potentially joyous holidays are quiet. These are the nights punctuated by municipal lights being put up and tested and turned on and people wait for the skating rinks to appear at Kitchener city hall and Water Public Square. It will soon be time for people to return from wherever they moved to for time with loved ones and the sort of peace and tranquility that is in short supply out in the world. This festival gives these people a reason to come home a little early.

Unlike summer festivals which rely on clean vector art, this branding goes purposefully in the opposite direction. The visible strokes of a paint brush creating a new night sky and the pale, rough lights that string across like a carnival. The grit is as abundant as it is intentional, and the warmth of the light bulb relief prints meaning onto the cold, dark hit of space.

These rough looking lights touch all aspects of the marketing material, from the banners to the modified logo for the materials. The human nature in constructing the artwork represents a shared humanity and community, reaching out to the viewer and inviting them to join in on some fun, chilly nights in a season that’s more chilly than fun. It’s an analog extension of the ReturnKW Festival logo mascot.

Finally, the list of artists is meant to represent actual bands/performers, but it is kept deliberately short to give people a chance to see their favorite acts on something of a round robin basis. Since the ads are set to appear in Exclaim!, transit shelters, pasted on boards, and even in 200 strategic placements in the NewAd network, the audience will have plenty of time to find someone they want to see in an intimate setting on a cool, late fall night.