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Plume Cigar Brand

Date: May, 2019

Client: Personal project


Creating a theoretical cigar brand from the top down sounds easy at first. One could come up with a name and design a couple of rings and that would be that, right? Well, no. Many large cigar manufacturers such as Alec Bradley or Asylum, or JFR have multiple lines with varying size, strength, and flavor profiles.

The Plume logo is a drawing of a white feather in an oval. The name comes from a plume of a feather, as well as the phrase “a plume of smoke.” Given the history of tobacco, there is some influence from the Indigenous history of Canada, the website wireframe shows a commitment to those populations under its “Social Responsibility” tag. There is a pop culture component to the brand name and line names. The “Plume of Dusk” is an item in the Persona series of video games that allows the player to restart a battle after losing. The lines “Dawn,” “Dusk,” “Twilight,” and “Starlight” refer to the album Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness by The Smashing Pumpkins.

The “Pride” line is significant because Plume acknowledges the significance of cigars in the leather and kink communities. While the advertising poster would not exist as a printed marketing tool given strict laws governing tobacco marketing, the “Hold onto your pride” could viably be used as a profile overlay for social media. The type family in use here is Futura.

The packaging nets show the construction of the Humi-Pak box while the non scaled black and white diagram shows how the inner wood pieces fit together, creating butt-joints to keep the cigars fresh in transit.


Many thanks to Tony Bossaller for his assistance on this project.