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Collar and Leash Records

Date: July, 2018

Client: School Project

The logo for CALR had to be simple, stand out, and court some innuendo. After a few sketches that focused on typography more than illustration and a few different illustrated ideas including a collar and leash replacing a necktie, the coiled collar and leash, meant to look like a record, was the final decision. This represents the label in its direction of guiding and protecting our artists through the labyrinth of the music industry. There is no lock on the collar, similarly informing that they can go freely.

When the logo is presented, it is crucial to the brand that it maintain the black, white, and/or cherry red colour scheme as presented in this book, This is to maintain brand identity in an easy, versatile fashion.

The introductory ad campaign for CALR is a callback to Factory Records’ famous contract “The artists own all their own work, the label owns nothing, the artists have the freedom to fuck off.” The first two sentences of that were replicated using more blood and some paper. Ads have been prepared for a number of formats including Exclaim Magazine, bus shelters, and various web platforms.