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BDA Cutter Type Family

Date: January, 2020


BDA Cutter began life as Cutter’s Cry 6 years ago as a typeface assignment for school. At the time, I was not happy with any of my linework using a particularly messy dip pen and ink method. What I did instead was construct each letterform out of cut pieces of paper shaped like common pieces of type anatomy. I did the requisite upper and lower case, photographed, digitized, printed, and hand rendered it to an illustration board. The original name came from the pain in my hand from cutting and hand rendering, as well as a dungeon in a popular MMORPG I played at the time.

Fast forward six years, and I’ve been considering creating typefaces. I went back to this one to finish what was started years ago by creating numbers, punctuation, and accented characters in order to determine how long it would take to create a basic type family using Illustrator and the fantastic extension FontSelf. Using Illustrator, I was able to create multiple variations of the typeface including outlines, wide, condensed, bold, and oblique formats, alongside the regular and small capitals versions. The typeface is available to purchase now in the shop with 3 license variations.