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Date: August, 2018

Client: S James Curtis Design Games


A tabletop gaming system

AEGIS is a tabletop gaming system built with accessibility in mind. Large body text with a clear typeface, a colour palette that is clearly discernible to those with all types of colour vision, and a variety of suggested play methods based on player ability are just some of the accessible advantages this system has. The biggest advantage for accessibility is its minimal reliance on math. By severely limiting the number crunching associated with many popular tabletop RPGs, AEGIS provides a more inclusive, seamless role play experience.

The icons are all inspired by classic Game Boy graphics, focusing on a few shades of green to create almost 400 different individual images. Using this design aesthetic, the game book brings to mind the plug and play nature of console video games. The system itself is designed for use with individual game packs that welcome almost any type or genre of story. Click the link below to download it!

AEGIS Web Release Package