Type sample image of BDA Cutter

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Coming Soon: BDA Cutter

BDA Cutter is a display typeface that is based on cut pieces of paper shaped like glyph anatomy pieces put together, photographed, and then digitized….

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Chromadrift – Oh, Horizon!

I’ve worked with Drew on his Brother Saturn material but this was the first time I’d gotten to work with his more beat focused alter-ego,…

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Anatomy of a Rebrand

  Well, the time has come that I put more effort into this site and my whole social media game. This has meant a complete…

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Project D2046

  It was the best of projects, it was the worst of times to get an injury that curbed it. The idea was I would…

Principles and Elements: Unity

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Principles and Elements

  A throwback project, illustrating the principles and elements of design. I think this could be used for a flash card set, even if the…

Safe Injection: BC Infographic

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Fentanyl/Harm Reduction

This is two projects in one, the first being an infographic charting the rise in fentanyl related deaths in British Columbia, the latter being a…

the original Platypus Day art

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Platypus Day

                I don’t listen to a lot of podcasts. I know I should but I need a story…

Bigger On The Inside Series: the Final Presentation

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Bigger On The Inside

It’s a Doctor Who reference! It’s an Amanda Palmer song! It’s a statement that there are hidden reserves of strength and resourcefulness within me that…

The Off Season: Cold Island

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The Off Season

A portfolio set based on photographs of Victoria Park between February and April of 2016. Some of the shots included were taken during a massive…