Coming Soon: BDA Cutter

Posted on Jan 19th, 2020 in Posts

Type sample image of BDA Cutter

BDA Cutter is a display typeface that is based on cut pieces of paper shaped like glyph anatomy pieces put together, photographed, and then digitized. It started life 6 years ago as a typography class project under the name “Cutter’s Cry” named both for a Final Fantasy XIV dungeon I was quite fond of as well as the pain in my hand from the actual cutting of the pieces.

Having recently developed the urge to go into typography, I stumbled upon the original AI file of Cutter’s Cry and expanded it by great amounts into BDA Cutter (the BDA stands for Big Dumb Animal and will be the lead on all of my typefaces)

Each iteration of Cutter has the above selection of primarily European accents for versatility in working with signage and titles or other applications such as comics. Once this is released, rest assured this will become a portfolio project.

So when’s it coming out?

BDA Cutter will be available January 21st. This will be released via my Patreon and sold both here and possibly Creative Market (I’m still looking into that avenue).