Anatomy of a Rebrand

Posted on May 20th, 2018 in Design, Illustration, Posts


Well, the time has come that I put more effort into this site and my whole social media game. This has meant a complete rebrand from the ground up including a new logo. The rhino isn’t coming back, sadly, neither the one that went extinct nor the one I was using. While I was in need of a rebrand and vitalization, having a studio class where the first project is to perform one in two weeks is a great motivator. The first week was spent going over different options. I thought of playing with letters in a 1970s flavor of logo design. I thought of weaving a hand with a paw, a human palm with animal toes. I thought of a simple structure to represent my initials. A week of wracking my brain later and then I say at 4:30AM that the wind up toy is winding down.

Sometimes, these things just come out of the blue. Now, had this been a few years ago, I would have grabbed my sketchbook and jumped into  drawing like a madman. Instead, it was late enough that I set a reminder to follow this idea in the morning. When I got to class, I sat down with my sketchbook and got started by drawing a faux isometric grid.Sketch of logo with faint sketchbook behind itAin’t he cute? Well, this was the starting point to a whole new brand. Part of this project also meant examining one’s inspirations and for me, Frank Olinsky is awesome. He not only handled the design on some of my all time favourite records, he also designed the classic MTV logo, with an M that could have anything in it. I’ve applied the same in the colouring of the wind up toy including having it wear one of my shirts. It’s very meta.

With the logo figure decided, it was time to come up with the next step: the typography. I had some help with this from various online friends who were happy to give their opinion between using typefaces like Hiruko Pro, Futura, Posterama, Cooper Black, Raleway, and my usual standby Alegreya Sans.


Wind up toy type audition

With help from my friends, I settled on Posterama 1927 and text for the type. After this, I started putting together a decent light plaid for the background that touches on blue, pink, and yellow. a riff on CMYK. For the loko on the site and social media, I kept the wind up toy as just a wireframe, treating it like a stamp. For the site icon, I switched out the rhino for the wind up toy’s head.


pink stamp row on light flannel pattern

With a nice pleasant plaid, a new, fun logo that is actually very emblematic of my work ethic, and a new website design, the rebrand is going well. The wind up toy is an apt metaphor: Having things to work on keeps me wound up and ready to design, only slowing down when it’s time to go over projects in their last stages and the attention to detail is needed in each click. This new logo and identity lends itself to experimentation and accurately represents me. The new tagline “Wind me up and watch me go!” invites interaction far better than the previous “Designing the tools to tell your story.” The new site and new materials will allow me to better express myself as a designer than before.


Wind UIp Toy in pink, blue, yellow, and purple on dark plaid