Safe Injection: BC Infographic

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Fentanyl/Harm Reduction

This is two projects in one, the first being an infographic charting the rise in fentanyl related deaths in British Columbia, the latter being a…

Bigger On The Inside Series: the Final Presentation

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Bigger On The Inside

It’s a Doctor Who reference! It’s an Amanda Palmer song! It’s a statement that there are hidden reserves of strength and resourcefulness within me that…

The Off Season: Cold Island

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The Off Season

A portfolio set based on photographs of Victoria Park between February and April of 2016. Some of the shots included were taken during a massive…

Beautiful Midnight: Rear View

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Beautiful Midnight Crashes

When taking photos for an e-zine, after getting some nice long exposure shots overlooking the 401, I stumbled across these wrecked cars off the parking…

The Falls: Like Clouds Being Assembled

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The Falls By Night

Niagara Falls is a weird mixture of the wondrous and the garish. The tourist trap thrills of Lundy’s Lane stand toe to toe with the…